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Since our inception in Loffan, we have been active in Saudi Arabia and our reputation has grown as one of our partners. The quality of performance at all levels and the satisfaction we receive from our customers are the foundation of our success and a source of pride for us. In addition, do everything in his power to provide the best possible. Today in Loffan we consolidate our principles based on making the concept of quality the only option to replace.

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Our Services

We offer top-notch services based on countless years of experience in the industry.

Spatial Database Services

Spatial Database services can support design, automation, conversion and quality assurance for data of your GIS.

Media Monitoring and Analysis

Technical media monitoring and analysis solutions using artificial intelligence.

Implementation Services

Implementation services can provide user defined technical assistance at any point during the implementation of your GIS.

Spatial Data Creation and Integration

Spatial data creation can help you create spatial data from paper-based maps and any associated information.

RCM (Revenue Management Solutions)

RCM (Revenue Management Solutions) for the health care sector establishing the medical billing sector and the medical coding solutions, data and capabilities analysis, process improvement, innovation support and financial control.

Chatbot solutions for WhatsApp Business

Interactive chat robots have the primary goal of interacting with people and helping them to answer their questions and solve their problems through immediate and interactive conversations in the form of questions and answers without the need for waiting or assistance from people.

C4 Technical Security Systems Solutions

Providing the best digital security monitoring solutions in security operating rooms.

GIS Consulting and Design Services

Consulting services can support the design of efficient databases, applications and systems to best meet your GIS needs.

Spatial Analysis

Spatial data analysis service is essential in many decision-making processes in different industries. Our team can help you in the spatial analysis tasks you need.

Programming Services

Programming services can support design, prototyping, coding, testing and documentation of your custom enterprise GIS application.

Training Services

We cover the full spectrum of training services for geospatial teams, ranging from standard courses into custom tailored comprehensive training programs for the largest.

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3738 King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Branch Road , AlMuhammadiyah, Riyadh, Kingdom Saudi Arabia